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Friday, January 06, 2006

Is It Too Early? (9/11 Movie Trailer)

I bet some people are going to be pretty mad. I personally would...well...nevermind. Just watch the trailer. Looks very..."interesting..."

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Collectors Go Bananas for Flawed $20 Bill

Story about a $20 Bill with a Del Monte sticker under the serial number and seal. With picture.

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Google will sell video online

Tomorrow, Friday Jan 6, Google Inc. will announce that it will let consumers buy video over the Internet from CBS, the NBA and other providers, becoming the latest company to explore the new method of distributing TV content

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Google Button on Cellphones

Motorola announced that it will integrate a Google icon onto internet-optimized phones so users can connect to the search engine with one click. Brilliant!

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Are you a real nerd? Take a Test.

With the proliferation of self-proclaimed geeks these days, it's important for true propeller-heads to separate themselves from the growing pack of digital poseurs. So we pass along this handy guide outlining what all nerds should know to maintain their official status. - note... i probably will fail this.

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Digg Is In The Top 1,000 Most Trafficked Site On The Internet!

Digg has now surpassed, a similar news site which began, several years ago, and is closing in on slashdot! Digg is currently ranked as 970!

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Google Pack Announced

Google is putting together a bundle of software, including a google-tweaked version of Firefox (gbrowser?), Acrobat Reader, Symantec Antivirus, AdAware, Trillian, Realplayer, and all of those free google programs everyone loves, like Earth, Talk, Desktop and Picasa. Basically, an Internet starter kit for people who don't like MS.

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