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Monday, August 28, 2006

New games turn up music, user control

CNET "In the spring, music executives at the E3 video game convention predicted music would take on a greater future role as the game market grows more sophisticated. This fall, that prediction seems poised to become reality.
As the pre-holiday game release schedule swings into high gear, titles expected to hit retail shelves in coming months will feature more songs--and more user control over them--than ever before.
For example, Electronic Arts' 'Madden NFL 07' football game this year features an all-time high of 35 songs, up from 21 in recent years. And that's just one of the smaller soundtracks. Large, open game-play video games like the 'Grand Theft Auto' series took the soundtrack concept to new heights with 'GTA: San Andreas' featuring a whopping 80 tracks that were later released on an eight-CD boxed set. This fall, two new games matching the 'GTA' game-play style will be released with soundtracks that dwarf that title in size and interactivity, heralding what many expect to be a standard feature of tomorrow's games. "
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