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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

BP and Twitter to @BPGlobalPR: Tell Them You're Joking

"In response to a request from Twitter and BP to clarify that it is, in fact, a parody, the Twitter account @BPGlobalPR altered its bio this week. Luckily, the fix only added to the hilarity of the profile.

According to The New York Times, Twitter contacted @BPGlobalPR on Tuesday to remedy the identity issue (@BPGlobalPR is a parody account created by an anonymous user in response to the massive oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico). The twitterer in question poses as a clueless BP PR person, offering scathing commentary about the manner in which the spill has been dealt with. And, it seems, this week BP had had enough with the charade."

BP and Twitter to @BPGlobalPR: Tell Them You're Joking

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